Ok, why am I just finding out about this amazing alternative to greenery for wedding decor?  I haven’t seen this used in any weddings yet in London yet!  Why??

It is a beautiful gold, and offers texture for days!  A quick google search and you can see what an incredibly diverse plant this is for spicing up your wedding decorations.  From incredible round arbours ( which is another trend I am dying to photograph ) to bouquets and table runners.

Some of my favourite times during the summer months are when the wheat fields have turned their golden colour.  The warm evening breeze catches the stalks and they sway with the wind.  *sigh* . I love those long summer shadows and beautiful sunset light against the golden hues.

And now I have discovered PAMPAS grass!  It’s so unique and versatile.  This link to weddingomania has 42 amazing ways to include this into your grand design.  https://www.weddingomania.com/pampas-grass-wedding-ideas/


This is one trend that I hope to see lots of this summer and next!   Pampas grass is awesome for lining up an aisle or a walkway, it looks very eye-catching and chic. Pampas works amazing for most of wedding styles including boho chic, desert, coastal, rustic and so on, and pampas looks amazing with any kinds of succulents or flowers!  Using pampas grass in your wedding is a great way to give it added texture. It is great for themed weddings or just for brides who aren’t big into flowers. it’s also a great way to save the budget as pampas grass covers more space than the average flower!

Wesley Forbes – London, Ontario Wedding and engagement photographer



  1. Oh MY GOSH. I am in love with this. It is so fluffy and gorgeous!!!

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