Your Wedding day Survival Guide!

Hello there Bride’s-to-be!  Here it is  your wedding survival guide!   I know that this can trigger some feelings of anxiety for soon to be brides.  Thats why I wanted to put together some tips to help make your day go ultra smooth!  Like hiring me as your wedding photographer!  🙂

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  • Get married in the shade!  You and the guests will appreciate it.
  • Summer time wedding?  Put that hair up!  Pick a hairstyle that stays off your neck and out of your face.
  • Get to bed at a decent time the night before your wedding.  It’s easy to get caught up at the rehearsal and get a little (or a lot ) tipsy.  Or party like a Rockstar and just be sure to drink lots of water before bed.
  • Make sure you give lots of time for hair and makeup.  The last thing you want to do is feel rushed if things are running behind here.  Add at least 30 minutes to when you think you need to be getting into your dress.
  • Speaking of hair and makeup!  make use of that trial and have it done the day of your engagement session so that you can feel fabulous for your photo shoot!
  • Want more tips for your engagement session?  Follow the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Work with your partner on a list of everything that he’ll need for the wedding day and after if you have plans for that night and the following day!
  • If it’s in your budget plan on hiring a wedding planner, or a day of coordinator.  That way they can make sure the day goes off without a hitch and you can be in the moment and enjoy the day to the fullest.
  • Let the wedding party know the plans for the day!   Be sure to tell them how important the wedding party photos are for you, and set those expectations for them ahead of time.
  • Don’t forget to pack some snacks a drinks, maybe even some drinks that aren’t alcoholic!  lol.  A few anyway.   Most of the time if you have a great venue like Bellamere winery, they’ll be all over it for you.
  • Your dress will get something on it!  but don’t stress about it.  Be prepared for it ahead of time.  Tide to go pen’s are a must for your bridal emergency kit.  But it’s always a good idea to check with your dress maker to see what they suggest for any tough stains the day of.
  • Those new shoes you got for the day!?  Get those bad boys broken in before hand.  Your cross-fit workout will take on a whole new challenge while wearing high heels!  😉
  • Check with your vendors and see who they recommend working with.  I can  think of plenty of amazing vendors in London and all of Southern Ontario that  will do an amazing job for your wedding!
  • TRUST – This is the biggest tip I can mention.  You should have trust that each of the vendors you  hired for your wedding have your vision in mind.  Enjoy your day and know that Wesley Forbes Photography has got your back and all those beautiful moments captured for you and your children to enjoy for years to come!

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Thanks so much for reading my Wedding day Survival Guide.   If you have any questions that I didn’t cover here, or you want to find out how to hire me as your kick ass wedding photographer, send me an email.

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