Ok here is my first REAL blog post.  I had posted one a few days ago but it was really just a test to see if my new site was working correctly.  So what better way to start off my new year and new blogger self than with a post about who I am!  I mean we all really see some posts on facebook, but we don’t really know too many people on a more personal level.  So i’m going to re-introduce myself.

I have two ridiculously cute kids.  I’f you’re on my personal page then you’ve no doubt seen pictures of them and our wacky family adventures!  They are a bundle of smiles and energy, especially Addison, so much energy!! They keep me driven to be a better person on the daily!  Melissa and I are truly the luckiest parents in the world.   And Melissa!  What can I say about her?  She is easily the best partner a person could hope for, her understanding ( and the patience, wow! ) is like no other.  She’s a one of a kind, and one day we’ll actually get married!  lol.

I’m a huge sci-fi nerd.  There I said it.  I cant get enough of anything thats set in space, or aliens, or post apocalyptic for that matter.  I have always had an active imagination thats taken me on incredible journeys.  This started when I was really young and has stayed with me until now.  So i’m guessing my love for sci-fi isn’t going anywhere soon!

And of course I love photography, no really, its mostly all I think about during the day.  I want to just be taking pictures all day long, and If i’m not taking them I want to be editing them, or learning about new techniques and connecting with other creatives and hearing their thoughts and Ideas on their photography experience!

Gardening, yup, I love it.  I love planting greenery around my property, cultivating it, pruning it.  I love a good flower bed, every year I come home in the spring with a trunk full of flowers and a big smile on my face.  I love getting my hands dirty, digging the earth, and nurturing all my little plant babies until they’re not so little any more.  Oh and I am obsessed with my lawn!  hahaha, maybe thats a suburbanite dad thing but I know the ratio of a kick ass fertilizer, and a full green lawn makes me smile!

Beam me up Scotty!  😉london wedding photographer best venue


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