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Here we have it!  My first blog post.  I kind of feel a little behind the times to be honest.  But This is a new year and I am really excited to make this a big part of my dedication to the growth of  my photography.  I want to share my passions, my insights and a whole bunch of beautiful photos!

The first thing I wanted to share with everyone are my new business cards!  If you have ever found yourself looking at getting new business cards I would have to recommend!  I normally don’t go out of my way to talk about my consumer experiences, but then again I don’t normally love a product as much as I do my cards!  Gold foil logo, satin paper so smooth it feels like it should be illegal, and the vibrant colours along with the beautiful photos of mine on the back.

The next step will be connecting with all the fabulous vendors all over the London area to hand these bad boys out!   My 2018 goals are to meet all the existing and up and coming vendors in the area.  There is a wealth of friendships to be made, and I am committed to adding value to everyone that I meet!

If you’re a vendor or another creative and you want to connect, leave a comment here, or find me through my website!

Big things for 2018!!


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